Conference on Innovation and Communication Law

25 maja 2023

On May 11 and 12, 2023, the 13th edition of the Conference on Innovation and Communication Law (CICL) was held at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University. The topic of this year’s event was Marketplace for innovation, technologies and ideas – roles and responsibilities.

The organizers of the event were representatives of the Department of European Law, Prof. UAM Dr. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska, Prof. UAM Dr. Rafał Sikorski and Prof. UAM Dr. Jakub Kępiński of the Department of Civil, Commercial and Insurance Law. The conference was held under the patronage of the Patent Office, the Mayor of Poznań and the Digital Center Foundation as well as the rectoral authorities.

The conference welcomed reputable experts from around the world – both academics and practitioners, presenting the results of their research primarily in the areas of intellectual property law and new technologies. Much focus was given to the latest challenges arising from the recently intensified development of artificial intelligence. In their presentations, speakers clearly identified the opportunities and risks in today’s markets, to which the current legal framework needs to be adjusted. Thanks to the numerous international specialists, it was possible to apprehend the global development directions not only of intellectual property protection policy, but also of new technology law and competition law. 

The first day of the conference began with a ceremonial welcoming of guests, followed by the panel „AI and Data-driven Markets”. Prof. Katja Weckström was the moderator of this part and thanks to speakers’ presentations it was possible to precisely outline the directions of regulatory changes in data protection, copyright law and civil liability for artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

The following panel, moderated by UAM Prof. Jakub Kępiński, Ph.D., dealt with current challenges for trademark law. Interesting speeches by guest speakers also touched on NFT and geographical indications. The key point of the first day of the conference was a lecture by Dr. Wojciech Wiewiórowski – European Data Protection Supervisor, who provided a regulatory perspective on data protection in the European Union. Professor Wiewiórowski discussed current issues related to regulating data protection for AI, as well as future challenges for the EU legislator.

The discussion continued in two parallel panels, in which experts had the space to address topical issues concerning copyright protection and contracts entered into by creators of various creative industries. The panels were moderated by Prof. UAM Dr. hab. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska and Dr. Igor Nestoruk.

The first day of the conference concluded with a discussion on the intersection of science and practice, featuring Dr. Damian Flisak, Joanna Gęga and UAM Prof. Dr. Rafał Sikorski. The panelists addressed the current trends in digital markets in search of their transparency, accountability, fairness and competition.

Day two of the conference began with a speech by Prof. INP PAN Dr. Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk, who currently serves as President of the Seventh Chamber of the General Court of the European Union. The lecture presented the legal perspective towards the so-called „gatekeepers ” in the Court of Justice’s jurisprudence to date in the context of the new changes introduced by the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Prof. Kowalik-Bańczyk also met with students of European law and law, giving a lecture entitled „The General Court of the European Union – Role and Competences”.

Prof. Willajeanne F. McLean subsequently moderated the next panel on the relationship between competition and the motivation to create innovations, as well as on the conditions for the diffusion of standards. Continuing on this issue, in the next panel speakers undertook an analysis of issues related to the scope of protection of intellectual property rights and the possibility of their enforcement from a global perspective.

After a short lunch break, the conference participants once again split into two parallel panels. The first discussed issues related to patents, including climate change and trade secrets, which brought members of the conference to interesting conclusions during the discussion between panelists and the audience. At the same time, Univ.-Prof. Ing. Dr. Clemens Appl moderated the second panel, in which participants sought to find answers to current challenges and potential directions for the digital single market.

The last panel of the conference was hosted by the Jean Monnet Chair of the Digital Single Market and the Free Flow of Information and the Digital Center under the supervision of Prof. UAM Dr. hab. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska, while the guests of this panel were Mr. Tomasz Włodarski, Mr. Grzegorz Zajączkowski and Dr. LL.M. Konrad Gliściński. The panelists took a non-market perspective and discussed the subject of cultural heritage in digital (public) space. The panel could be followed live on the faculty channel on the Youtube platform, which remains available at the following link: 13th Annual Conference on Innovation and Communication Law.

The conference was a great success. It provided an opportunity for prominent experts from all over the world to deliver their speeches. A very friendly and professional atmosphere was achieved, which was also influenced by the dinner meetings.

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