Why study at the Faculty?

Those who choose the studies at the Faculty are lured by: a rich and varied offer of courses, modern programs and unique projects implemented in cooperation with other academic institutions. A good legal education, theoretical basics and practice, and preparing for the profession are our priorities in education. We join forces with representatives from the world of science, public administration and business, preparing and implementing innovative solutions in the teaching process and allowing our students to gain experience already at the stage of studying. That’s why we’re striving to make sure that our offer meets the needs of not only the domestic employment market, but also the European market. We aim higher, convinced that the graduates of our Faculty are not only well-educated, but also that they possess the predispositions to gain employment and key positions, and fulfil public functions in international structures. Monitoring graduates’ career paths makes us feel proud of their achievements. The choice of studies at our Faculty by new candidates is for us a commitment to ensure an expansion of offers, the introduction of innovative methods of education and the provision for students of a good, friendly atmosphere for studying.

If you want to understand how does the European integration process actually work, learn about past and present challenges of the European integration as well as public and state policies, relating to everyday life, then our BA program in European Legal Studies is the right choice for you. The program offers you a set of  mandatory and elective subjects/topics explaining European solutions in the global context.  By the end of 3rd year, you will have a choice of several special focus-tracks which will better define your future legal career.  They will cover issues in law, business and society.

BA in European Legal Studies will help you better understand the European legal culture, democratic pathways of the EU countries, as well as Europe’s place in the global politics and trade.  Our program will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the European legal studies. The mandatory part of the  program includes issues covering the development of data and knowledge economy, intellectual property in trade, and data protection.  You will learn how European integration impacts law, economy and society on a daily basis. You will have an opportunity to choose from various electives and to develop your language skills in legal/business English.  Classes of Polish language will also be available to our students.

The BA program in European Legal Studies with its advanced curriculum and language training, makes it easier for you to carry your legal career further.  Graduates will be able to apply their broad knowledge of the European law in their home countries, both in public and economic institutions as well as with private business ventures.