Our Faculty has an established cooperation with The British Law Centre, active in Poznan from 1996. The British Law Centre is organised by an educational charity based at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law (Juris Angliae Scientia). It offers students in Poznan a payable, 1 year course: Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills.

The Diploma focuses on 5 substantive law subjects covering core aspects of the English common law system (English Legal System; Contract Law and Drafting; Tort Law; Trusts Law and Criminal Law).

Alongside the substantive-law knowledge students acquire, they are taught a range of practical legal skills, such as: Case and Fact Management; Legal Writing; Oral Advocacy; Public Speaking; Contract Drafting; Group Work and others.

The Diploma is taught at UAM by a team of visiting experts, including experienced practitioners, all of whom are native speakers. The teaching visits take place approximately once a month and are organised in an interactive, small-group environment. For further details of the course at UAM, please click here.

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To contact the UAM local program coordinator:

dr Miłosz Malaga

email: m.malaga@amu.edu.pl