The Faculty of Law and Administration is an important research centre, supporting research in the fields of law, administration, economics and forensics. The Faculty is running numerous scientific grants, including those funded by the European Commission and the National Science Centre. Their results are published and presented around the world.

Our researchers collaborate with scientists from all over the world — from Japan to the United States. Among the numerous research centres with which they have established contacts in Germany, UK, US, France, Italy or Spain, are Heidelberg University, Cambridge University and Syracuse University (USA) to name a few. The commitment of the Faculty’s staff is best reflected in the grants awarded and financed from the EU and national funds. Particularly noteworthy are the recent years, when the number of funds obtained from these sources has increased almost tenfold.

Wishing to participate fully in the academic world, the Faculty publishes a journal titled Adam Mickiewicz University Law Review and the Adam Mickiewicz University Law Books series — both in English. The Faculty members also publish their books abroad and participate in international research forums.

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