Jean Monnet Chair Digital Single Market and the Free Flow of Information dig_INFlow explores how the EU is addressing the flow of information in the context of the Digital Single Market (DSM), and how it can improve the approach to ensure the safe and enabling environment for the communication.

We respond to the need to raise public awareness of the regulatory framework for accessing and using information online as part of the digital transformation.

Our objective is to deepen  the knowledge of the DSM law and policy  and to share it with market participants and beneficiaries, primarily via teaching at university level, as well as to advance the research at the intersection of the economic objectives of the single market and the free flow of information, in the context of fundamental rights.


prof. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska

Chair Holder

Chair Team


Teaching activities

Teaching activities under this project include offering 3 courses, 2 seminars and 1 workshop, targeting 80- 100 students yearly, enhancing the offer to Polish and international students at all level of education: bachelor, master and doctoral studies. The offer goes beyond law, administration and European studies programs and includes an interdisciplinary seminar. Additional 2 workshops  target secondary schools’ pupils and interested members of the general public as part of the Open University. Teaching methods include problem-based learning, case-study, virtual classroom environment, online meeting with experts,  and presentation of students own results during an online webinar for the advanced students and young researchers. The outputs of this project include new teaching materials, webinar open to the public, workshop materials including a video podcast, e-book and a thematic conference planned for 2025.  Our goal is to meet the demand for education in the area of law, policy and technology, and answer the societal need to understand the regulatory framework for online activities and communication. 

  • Course on the law of the digital single market and the rights of entrepreneurs, creators and users, with an emphasis on the framework of platforms and tools for the free flow of information [PL]
  • Course on consumer law and policy in the digital single market [PL]
  • Course on competition law and competition policy framework for the digital single market [PL]
  • Interdisciplinary workshops on access and use of information and European research integrity standards (for PhD students) [PL,EN]
  • Bachelor seminar on EU law and free flow of information [EN]
  • A seminar  for PhD students and final year students leading to the Young Researchers Webinar on Digital Transformation [PL]
  • Workshop open to the public on responsibility for content moderation on platforms from the perspective of EU law and policies,
  • Workshops on “smart cities” solutions for high schools in the region



Jean Monnet Grant 

This project is co-funded by the European Union, within Erasmus+ program.

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